Family Law and Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs and Private Clients

As colourful and as diverse as life, so is also the situation of partners, who are about to get married and also that of married couples. Prenuptial agreements or partnership agreements, which settle the asset situation are a “must” in some cases, and in many cases very recommendable and in few cases dispensable. Do you know which group you belong to?

We gladly provide counsel to you on this and draft prenuptial agreements which are specially tailored for your specific life and asset situation.

Also in case of separation or divorce it is a special concern to us to check the chances of a reasonable and amicable agreement and to put it in front of an avoidable litigious conflict. Therefore, we offer to you especially in these difficult times needful relief.

We counsel and represent you judicially and extra-judicially concerning issues of

  • Separation and alimony
  • Divorce and consequences of divorce
  • Proprietary conflicts
  • Equalization of accrued gains
  • Parental custody
  • Visitation rights