Employment law for entrepreneurs and managers

We advise companies and managers on all issues of labor and employment law, both individual and collective.

Frequent changes in the law and fundamental decisions by the Federal Labor Court present a significant challenge to labor-law counsel.

Among others these are the main areas of our labor law practice

  • Drafting of employment contracts and service agreements for members of the company’s executive bodies, including counsel on conclusion and termination
  • Legal advise in the field of human resources, i.e. drafting of up-to-date remuneration models
  • Legal advice concerning company pension schemes
  • Legal advise on issues regarding works constitution law and tariff related issues including representations towards the works council
  • Representation in front of all labor courts, e.g., termination protection claims or procedure for resolving disputes between the works council and the employer
  • Trainings for managerial staff and HR-Departments of our clients concerning new legal regulations
  • Individual (preventive) counsel for managerial staff, e.g., regarding prevention of liability